Episode XXV

Heavy Load - Run With the Devil
Battle Ruins - Blood Eagle
Metalian - Metal, Fire and Ice
Eastern Bloc - The Mask
Marching Girls - The Introduction
Suicidas - Vives Sin Sentirte Vivo
Interterror - Felices Dias en Auschwitz
La Sobrecarga - Telepatia
Dead Hunt - Double Life
Coagula - Repercussion
Onslaught - Angels of Death
Frigid Bich - The Kids are Gonna Fight
Absolut - Wage of Fear
Smartpils - Naked Nun
Drama - Mi Fantasma Favorito
Blood and Sun - Our Merciless Master


Episode XXIV

TV21 - This is Zero
Amulet - Black Magic Attack
Satan's Satyrs - Sadist 69
Rosenkopf - Human Love Song
Rema Rema - Fond Affections

Los Humillados - Fascistas
Fra Lippo Lippi - Out Of The Ruins
Screaming Dead - Lilith
Conservantes Adulterados - Necrofilia

Shitfucker - Graveyard Revels
Life Chain - Mind Pollution
Symptom - Wartime Children
Meanwhile - Delete the Elite

Blessing in Disguise - Paradise
Future Punx - Livin in a Movie

This Mortal Coil - The Lacemaker


Episode XXIII

Arthur Brown - Fire
The Reactors - Heretic Song
Asmodi Bizarr - Das Verderben
Marquee Moon - Prince of Darkness

TSOL - American Zone
Raw Power - Factory
Stupids - Life's a Drag
Crow People - Nothing at All

The Rattles - The Witch
Strange Boutique - Quicksand Minds
New Buildings - Humo

Aragon - Black Ice
Midnight - Lord in Chains
Paul Chain Violet Theater - Voyage to Hell

Hawkwind - Dragons and Fables


Episode XXII

Atomkraft - Future Warriors
Killing Joke - This Tribal Antidote
Disgust - Mother Earth
Counterblast - Prospects

Joy of Life - Letter and a Photograph
Cabinet Caligari - Maquis
Thelema - Magik
Skeletal Family - She Cries Alone

Proxy - Police Car (Going Home)
The Combat Zone - Give Me War
The Obsessed - Iron & Stone

Fools Dance - They Will Never Know
Cortex - Warrior Night
La Gillotina - Lima

Exedra - The Waltz


Episode XXI

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Los Monaguillosh - Bocas Sobre Una Araña
Flowers in the Dustbin - Nails of the Heart
Inca Babies - Opium Den
Crimson Scarlet - Two Kinds of Red

Damascus - Open Your Eyes
Fingernails - Heavy Metal Forces
Birth Ritual - The Dark
Diamond Head - I Don't Got

TNT - 131
Hysteria - Love Thine Enemy
Satanic Rites - Slam the Door
El Ultimo Eslabon - Santos Inocentes

Deaf Mutations - Smash the Clubs
Asile - Nulle Part
Jezus and the Gospel Fuckers - TV Slave
Diskurz - Prazan Hod

Cranes - Jewel


From Beneath the Northern Murk

It's been quite some time since our last episode, so I figured it would be a good idea to make a simple post to remind everyone that we are still here. Here's a quick update with what's been going on in Wolftown:

It's no secret that we've been slacking on posting new installments of the show. We've been a bit overwhelmed with the daily grind the past months and lost some momentum with maintaining the blog. It's ironic timing though, as I've been coming across lots of exciting music lately, more than I have over the last 2 years. In between my compulsive record purchasing and the day to day life, I've been incredibly busy with my own personal music pursuits as well. As we often say, sometimes life gets the best of you. Unfortunately, at times like this projects like Radio Wolftown tend to fall by the wayside. Rest assured though these hiatuses are never permanent. New episodes of Radio Wolftown will be posted in the coming weeks.

We will be holding our 5th installment of Punk is a Rotting Corpse (Radio Wolftown DJ night) on Monday May 7th at the Plough & Stars in Cambridge. This will be coinciding with a mini-fest that is being organized by our friend Ghost over at Total Fucker Records. More info on those events as they develop.

Lastly, I'd like to give mention of the unfortunate loss we experienced this past week. Anyone who knows Laura or myself knows how much we value our feline (and canine) counterparts. Mo was an exceptional creature. He first entered our lives in 2005 when Laura found him living as a feral cat on the streets of Spain. She took him in as her own and gave him a new life. In time he grew to trust people and became an incredibly affectionate cat. Mo was a peaceful soul, a loving member of the Wolftown family and we will miss him dearly. Rest in peace.

If I turn to you and call you a friend
When all is said and all is done
Will you meet me on the other side
Seven million miles beyond the sun


Episode XX

With special guests Lauren and Nay

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Jaguar - Axe Crazy
Midnight - Rip This Hell
Disfear - No Hope for Survival
Death Token - All Dreams are Nightmares

Lobotomia - Só Os Mortos Não Reclamam
Gastunk - The Eye
Zygote - In the Red
Red Lorry Yellow Lorry - This Today

The Execute - Say
1984 - Komisariat
Legion of Parasites - Eroded Freedom
Dekoder - Like Men
Nomad - Ashita Wa Nai

The Reatards - Lick on my Leather
La Casa Usher - Mienten
The March Violets - Walk into the Sun
Music Machine - Talk Talk

Fields of the Nephilim - Volcane


Episode XIX

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Ox Pow - Esperando en la Calle

Sekaannus - Häkkinen

Busted Statues - Blue Cheer

The Veil - Manikin

Beast - New Moone

Mephisto Waltz - Porcelain Gods

Bloodkrow Butcher - Tribes of Survivors

Misery - We are Man

Manilla Road - Flaming Metal System

Magic Circle - Scream Evil

The Colour Theory - Flowers in the Garden

Diana Dance - Diana Dance

Alaska y Los Pegamoides - Reacciones

Of the Wand and the Moon - Raven Chant

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Episode XVIII

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Psychick TV - Just Like Arcadia

Bonapartes - Winter

Part 1 - Salem

Echo and the Bunnymen - Stars are Stars

External Menace - What the Hell

Trauma - Such a Shame

Moskwa - Ja Wiem, Ty Wiesz

Brain F≠ - Restraining Order

Night Birds - Squad Car

Christian Mistress - Home in the Sun

Siouxsie and the Banshees - Red Over White

Coven - Wicked Woman

Virgin Prunes - Caucasian Walk

Doom - No Religion

Obliteration - This is Tomorrow

Miasmal - Toxic Breed

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Episode XVII

New Model Army - Wired
Arch Criminals - Mr. Kingdom Man
Lama - Spurgun Huuto
Axegrinder - Grind the Enemy

Christian Death - Romeo's Distress
Dezerter - Plakat

Burning Witches - I Hate Your Guts

The Lorries - Hang Man

Napalm Death - Evolved as One

Bastard - Wind of Pain

Bolt Thrower - Lest We Forget

The Howling Wind - Teeth Of Frost

Decima Victima - Noviembre

Children's Hour - I Know Where She Lies

March Violets - Walk Into The Sun

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Episode XVI

With Special guest Chip.

1981 - Faster and Forward

Marked Men - Whip Myself

Cocteau Twins - Wax and Wane

Glam - Duelo De Titanes

Wire - On Returning

For Against - It's a Lie

Kitchen & the Plastic Spoons - Ice Cream to God

Meanwhile - Show Must Go On

Kansanturvamusiikkikomissio - Työläisen aurinko

Ripcord - Cross Culture

Fliehende Sturme - An Einem Besseren Tag

Funeral Parade - Eyes of Madmen

Sad Lovers & Giants - Lost in a Moment

The Necessaries - Runaway Child (Minors Beware)

Naked Raygun - I Remember

Hex - Time to Decide

Pagan Altar - In the Wake of Armadeus

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Punk is a Rotting Corpse: Radio Wolftown DJ Night

"Drink and be merry, for tomorrow we may die."

Come join us for the second, and semiannual, Radio Wolftown DJ Night. January 24th at the Plough & Stars in Camrbidge, MA.


Radio Wolftown Mix Tape Trade - Vol. 2

Commitment Deadline: December 26, 2010

Exchange Deadline: January 24, 2011

Volume 2 of our tape trade has finally come! This round will more or less operate the same as last time. However, since there has been a considerable amount of interest from people in the Boston area to partake this time around, we have decided to separate the trade into two groups: Local exchange and Mail exchange.

Each has it's own perks, but sadly it seems that the mailing aspect of the last trade was somewhat "defeating" for certain people, so we ask that if you agree to partake in the trade, regardless of how you wish to exchange cassettes, please follow through with your commitment so to avoid anyone getting screwed out of a tape.

For those who prefer to exchange tapes in person, we will be hosting a DJ night at the Plough & Stars in Cambridge on January 24th, which would serve for a perfect opportunity to meet up for a few drinks and hand off your tape to your trade buddy.

A few things to note:


- This tape trade is open to anyone who is interested.

- No limit or minimum on tape duration.

- Don't be lazy, invest some time and creativity into your tape.

- The trade works in a "circular" fashion, hence you will not be receiving a tape from the same person you are making a tape for. It's up to you wether or not you wish to contact your trade partner ahead of time, but if you prefer the element of surprise, go for it.

If you are interested in partaking please send a message to Max through our Facebook page or through e-mail at: radiowolftown[at]gmail[dot]com

Please include your name, contact information (e-mail or snail mail address) and be sure to specify which way you prefer to exchange tapes!


Laura & Max


Episode XV - 1 Year Anniversary Show!

Motorhead - Too Late, Too Late

Killer - Kleptomania

Crucifixion - On the Run

Pneumonia - Exhibition

The Rats - Broken Wire Telephone

Otan - Sociedad Despreciable

Ruido de Rabia - Elementos Retoricos De La Descomposicion

Dischange - Blind Paths

Kriegshog - Burn

The Desecrators - Sentenced to Life

D.R.I. - Money Stinks

Kim Phuc - Weird Skies

Dishrags - I Don't Love You

Vomito - Radio Terror

Deskonocidos - Vamos a Bailar

Above the Ruins - Waiting

Current 93 - Lucifer Over London

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Episode XIV

Soggy - Lost My Brain
Necros - Face Forward
Toxic Reasons - Somebody Help Me
Celibate Rifles - No Sign

Noise Annoys - Watch Out
Subtonix - Too Cool For School
Rik L Rik - Do the Nihil
The Cigarettes - I've Forgot My Number
Easy Cure - I Just Need Myself

Gehennah - 666, Drunks and Rock'n'roll
Effigy - Stark Moon
Napalm Death - Abbatoir
Voco Protesta - Vojo Al Libereco
Civil Disobedience - Working Class Ass

The Gaia - Love and Peace
Samhain - Black Dream
Pink Turns Blue - Missing You
Neutral Milk Hotel - Ghost

Swans - Saved